#5 Hacking Mastermind – Mike Shema

November 17, 2017

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“Hacking is sort of like magic. It looks cool but let people in the trick” – Mike Shema

Our guest is Mike Shema (@CodexWebSecurum) .

Mike Shema is VP of SecOps and Research at Cobalt.io, where he organizes crowdsourced pen tests. Mike’s experience with information security includes managing product security teams, building web application scanners, and consulting across a range of infosec topics. He’s put this experience into books like Anti-Hacker Tool Kit and Hacking Web Apps. He has taught hacking classes and presented research at conferences around the world.

Show Notes

Learning is a process of deconstruction [02:00]
On DevSecCon philosophy: Let’s work on this together! [03:00]
Mike’s journey as Cyberpunk [06:00]
Hacking “It does not hurt to explain the trick” [09:00]
Punk “The Punky attitude is not the only one” [12:00]
On dealing with the “working factory mindset ” [15:00]
Diversity in Cyberland and awareness: privacy and trust [18:00]


Selection of link from the episode

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Feminist frequency check it here


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